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The Firm

Orsini Design Associates, Inc.™ is a premier New York based Interior Design firm offering professional design services for distinguished private and corporate clientele.

Founded in 1979 by Susan Francesca Orsini, the firm specializes in the design of private residences, resort properties, corporate office facilities, high-end retail stores, private yachts and aircraft.

ODA's operating philosophy is based on the seamless integration of architecture and interior design both aesthetically and operationally.

Employing a disciplined, strategic approach which is guided by professionalism and practical experience, the Orsini style of timeless elegance enhances all environments, both classic and contemporary.

The firm’s success is based on creating design solutions which are luxurious as well as comfortable, and most importantly, tailored to the desires and goals of their clients.

The images presented on this website are a snapshot of an extensive portfolio of work spanning several decades. In addition to numerous industry awards for creativity and business accomplishments,

Orsini Design Associates, Inc. is recognized by Interior Design magazine as a DESIGN GIANT. The firm is a national force in the design industry and has been listed as a top US design firm every year since 1987.

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